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Our profession is to show expats living in Germany how to realize their real estate dreams, whether it is your dream home or a capital investment.

We created a solution to help you get started by providing you with essential know-how about real estate. Furthermore, we developed a service designed specifically for you as expats in Germany to assist you with every step of the process in becoming a property owner.

What to expect from our solution?

We will guide you through the important topics, common challenges and all the necessary steps from the very beginning to becoming a successful real estate owner. We will present the knowledge to help you get started and buy your dream home and additionally we will provide you our full-service-package designed especially for real estate investment for expats.

So, if you want to build or buy a home or invest in real estate, our solution will help you to realize your wishes and goals.

We are incredibly excited to tell you about it, so contact us now for free!

Our service – real estate development for you

Our real estate service is already successfully proofed by many expats, who are now pleased property owners. Now we want to expand our service to all expats in Germany.

You express your wishes and goals and together we will create your individual real estate concept. From the first conversation to the long-term support of your property.

You will receive all the necessary information, to buy and to lease property and with our tailor-made concept your assets can grow effectively.

Be excited: once you took part, you’ll want more!

Common challenges for expats:

Longstanding experience and conversations with expats, show that there are three main challenges, holding back expats, from buying real estate assets in Germany:

Lack of knowledge

You probably heard about the great opportunities of the German real estate market, but there is a lot to know about legal obligations and procedures for buying and managing properties. Our solution delivers all the essential aspects you need to know. Within our service we assist you and minimize your effort by taking over the important steps.

Limited time

You are leaving your house in the morning and come home late in the evening. Your work is your passion, but after a long day you just can’t seem to find the time and motivation to plan your real estate development. We’ll do it for you.

Language barrier

Negotiations with real estate brokers, finding and communicating with possible tenants or meeting with the community of ownership, mostly every step requires you to understand and communicate in the german language on a high level. We take care of this and help you to understand every detail.

The best time, to start growing real estate assets!

Renowned sources confirm the fact: Germanys real estate market is booming.

So, why wait, get your benefit as well!

"Germany’s great house price boom continues!"

published June 30, 2020
to the source

"Investing in German Real Estate"

published November, 2019
to the source

5 reasons to buy real estate

1. Increasing Rent
In Germany rents are increasing greatly, you as real estate investor can profit from this.
2. Increase in value
Property prices are increasing from year to year, with some locations achieving a growth over 10% p.a..
3. Value with stability
Living is a basic need for all of us. We see that real estate is a safe haven especially during a crisis.
4. tax benefits
Real estate investments are a great opportunity to reduce the tax burden and to receive additional tax benefits.
5. financing
Real estate properties have the incredible perk of paying off themselves over time, thanks to the rental income.
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Your advantages

Increasing rent

Increase in value

Value stability

Tax benefits


Now is the best time to buy real estate:

Following us to this point you are probably asking yourself why should you choose Proper Expats as your partner for real estate purchases.


To resolve this, we would like to introduce you to our concept, which is divided in 6 phases:

Step 1:
Your goals and wishes

Together we will discuss and set your goals and wishes.

Step 2:

Value growth: Our Germany-wide network provides us with attractive growth markets.

Rentability: Together we will take a look at the location and condition of the property to ensure long term rentability.

Step 3:
Selection of real estate

We will choose the right property based on your goals and financial situation.

Step 4:
Best possible financing

We will plan the best possible financing by comparing different banks.

Step 5:
Viewing appointment and purchase

Together we will visit the potential real estate and celebrate your investment. Congratulations!

And there is even more to it

Most consultations end right here. The property is purchased, the service performed, and you are left alone with your real estate.

You invest and we care for the rest! This way we ensure, that you can grow your real estate assets without any concerns.

Step 6:
Complete care-free service

We provide full service of your real estate property, this includes:



Protection from loss of rent

Individual contact person

You will receive the

expat full-service package

So, get started! Become a successful real estate owner as an expat in Germany!

Contact us now for free and we will show you how little it takes to achieve your goals!



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